exhibition schedule

26 FEB. 2022


This will be my most unconventional exhibition of all as it will take place online, as well as this is a new trend in the digital realm. Several renowned galleries worldwide have already started to opt for this option due to the current living conditions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through this online virtual technology the audience will be able to interact with the artworks in their spaces and can even simulate how the artwork would look on a wall in their homes or offices, which can be viewed on any device with internet connection.

And to emphasize the theme of the exhibition the artworks will be totally different from their conceptualization, techniques & approach.


04 AGUST 2021

This event was very special for me, it combined our graduation and exhibition of the works we have been preparing throughout our training. I could count on special people who came from very far away to see this great moment of my life up close.
The event took place at the ORMS SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY.
My works for this exhibition were very remarkable, because besides the techniques involved in their creation, the models involved marked my life and to photograph one of them I traveled back to my country during vacation.

ORMS School of Photography - Cape Town, South Africa.

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