When the wind of change blow, some put up barries, others build wildmills.
  • Size: 100cm X 65cm
  • Year: 2022
  • Type: Canva – E. Matt Giclee Print.
  • Signed, titled and annotated in ink fingerprint on a label accompanying the work.

Everything that is new is intimidating in the first instance but we should not avoid it because the future is exactly like that, it all depends on how you look at it.
Life as we know it, is a blank book and from the moment we are born we write our own history. As a child, I had problems or difficulties in conforming to standards or rules, but I never knew why, and maybe now, this is the moment when everything is clearer, because those who set standards do not live by them. That is why I feel the need to free myself.
My method of creation does not follow patterns and has a mixture of techniques. I am a life lover, I love true smiles, exotic faces, positive energies and sometimes the melody of a song that reminds me of someone who is no longer among us but will forever be in my heart.
In my life journey, I have interactions with areas such as: photography, fashion, painting, science and resilience. In essence, my art combines all these elements and tries to express the enigma inside of me to my audience.


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